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Osteria del gusto

Entering the kitchen was kidnapped by the scents of herbs and vegetables typical of all our gardens, but also with aromas and spices lands us very far, all expertly harmonized by expert hands and well prepared.

The desire to experiment with bold combinations starting with a solid foundation pushes the traditional chef to dare and intrapendere with his guests travel through the new taste.

The presentation of a dish if well done helps a lot to remember and tell what you tasted. For this reason, we pay particular attention to how to make the recipe.

At Osteria del Gusto Restaurant you can taste the finest cuisine of Siena.

The wine list features a wide range of labels, from the best national and international.

Besides the local cuisine, there is a good selection of local dishes of the Italian tradition. Complete the menu an impressive selection of desserts.

The restaurant Osteria del Gusto is particularly attentive to the quality of raw materials. Each product is purchased from selected suppliers.



  Via dei Fusari 13 - Siena - Tuscany - Italy - +39 0577 271076 - EMAIL